About Us


Our foremost duty as parents is to our children. We sacrifice so they can thrive. We teach so they can learn. We protect and set boundaries to keep them safe. But our ability to perform these responsibilities is threatened each day as ideologues and activists force us to play defense.

We have had enough.

Once benign activities are now breeding grounds for political agendas. School and government officials regularly usurp parental authority. The medical establishment has surrendered science in fear of being cancelled. Activists, institutions, and corporate interests relentlessly push their agendas into our daily lives. Our children can no longer attend sporting events, visit public parks, stroll through malls, or sit in classrooms without being exposed to controversial topics or inappropriate situations.

At American Parents Coalition, we are determined to reclaim parental authority because we recognize that nothing should stand between a parent and their child — not the government, not our schools, not the medical establishment. Our organization wants to empower parents to determine how to raise their children and provide practical resources for doing so.

Together, we must return the focus to what is important for the sake of our children and generations to come.


Alleigh Marré, Executive Director of the American Parents Coalition

American Parents Coalition is led by Alleigh Marré, whose experience in government, private industry, and politics led her to establish the K-12 advocacy group Free to Learn in 2021. After combatting endless challenges related to transparency, curriculum, and meritocracy through her work with Free to Learn, it became clear that many issues parents face today persist beyond the classroom walls. Thus, American Parents Coalition was formed.

A strategic and crisis communications specialist, Alleigh previously served as Chief of Staff and senior civilian advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force, where she received the Air Force Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service. She also served as the national spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump-Pence administration. Alleigh is the founder of Hickory Strategies and has served in a variety of other communications roles, including for two U.S. senators, a governor and two national political committees.

She is a mother of three and resides in Virginia.