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American Parents Coalition is Fighting To Put Parents Back in the Driver’s Seat.


Our foremost duty as parents is to our children. We sacrifice so they can thrive. We teach so they can learn. We protect and set boundaries to keep them safe. But our ability to perform these responsibilities is threatened each day as ideologues and activists force us to play defense.

Do You Know
What is Influencing
Your Children?

Our Focus

Educating Parents

We engage directly with parents about challenges to their parental rights and authority, and the culture that is shaping our children. We also create and provide resources to address these obstacles.

Promoting Parental Consent

We support public policy efforts that prohibit any entity or institution from having the authority to prescribe or engage in medical practice, care, or intervention – whether physical, mental, or behavioral – without express consent of a parent or guardian.

Demanding Transparency

American Parents Coalition supports efforts to establish transparency and parental notification measures in educational, caregiving, and enrichment settings such as schools, daycares, camps, clubs, and athletics.