Challenges & Actions

Many of the challenges facing parents today fall within three broad categories: education, health care, and culture.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies
  • Curriculum and primary source materials
  • Gender-related policies including male / female access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and participation in sports teams or clubs previously reserved for a single sex
  • Health care provided to students without parental involvement or notification
  • Parental access and notification to student information
  • Medical requirements or mandates
  • Minors access to health care (including prescription drugs or counseling) without parental involvement or consent
  • Transparency between parent / guardian and minor’s medical practitioners
  • Social media and app parental controls and access
  • Age-inappropriate content in TV, movies, and / or streaming
  • Gaming chat features and parental control
  • In and out-of-home advertising
To effectively address these challenge areas, American Parents Coalition will deliver incremental change by focusing on the following:

Educating Parents

We engage directly with parents about challenges to their parental rights and authority, and the culture that is shaping our children. We also create and provide resources to address these obstacles.

Promoting Parental Consent

We support public policy efforts that prohibit any entity or institution from having the authority to prescribe or engage in medical practice, care, or intervention – whether physical, mental, or behavioral – without express consent of a parent or guardian.

Demanding Transparency

American Parents Coalition supports efforts to establish transparency and parental notification measures in educational, caregiving, and enrichment settings such as school, daycare, camp, athletic, or club settings.