American Parents Coalition launches to help parents reclaim their parental authority

American Parents Coalition Launches to Help Parents Reclaim Their Parental Authority

Announces seven-figure awareness campaign on TikTok’s toxicity among minors

Washington, D.C. – Today, parental rights advocate Alleigh Marré announced the launch of the American Parents Coalition (APC), an organization that will put parents back in the driver’s seat through public policy efforts, local and community activism, and demands for further transparency from the institutions influencing our children. 

As parents across the U.S. face daily challenges to their parental authority from government, schools, and medical practitioners, APC will focus its efforts on restoring and expanding parental rights across each of these sectors. Marré, a mother of three with extensive experience in K-12 advocacy, will serve as APC’s executive director.

In conjunction with its launch, APC is also jumpstarting “TikTok is Poison,” a seven-figure awareness campaign against the increasingly pervasive social media app. Backed by the Chinese Communist Party, TikTok lacks adequate parental controls for minors, promotes content that glorifies suicide and eating disorders to young audiences, and uses addictive algorithms to elevate dangerous and inappropriate content – all while collecting vast amounts of personal data from its users, including minors. This campaign will feature a national television ad, which can be found here.

As parents, we would never allow our children to spend time around people who speak positively about suicide or encourage anorexia. Yet these dangerous themes reach millions of impressionable children and teenagers every day on TikTok. Backed by the Chinese Communist Party, TikTok has given America’s youth access to pornography and propaganda right at their fingertips – jeopardizing their sanity and safety with its addictive algorithms. We are calling on all parents to help us stop this digital poison.” 

Alleigh Marré, Executive Director of the American Parents Coalition

Marré provided the following statement announcing the launch of APC:

Parents across our country are under siege, constantly at battle with corporate interests, activists, and institutions who wish to usurp our parental authority. From family outings to school field trips to doctors’ visits, our children are more at risk than ever of being exposed to malicious political agendas and inappropriate situations. For the sake of our children and generations to come, we must return parents to the drivers’ seat. American Parents Coalition will work tirelessly to make this happen.”

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