Would you willingly let your child wander off with a stranger promising ice cream, a puppy or something else enticing? Of course not. As parents, we not only recognize and avoid such dangers, we teach our children to discern such risks as well. However, as a mother of three, I’ve noticed the landscape of threats is constantly evolving, growing more insidious and challenging by the day, and that creates risk not only to our children’s physical safety, but also to their mental well-being.

We’re raising kids in a world increasingly different and more complex than the one we grew up in. The onslaught of external influences is relentless. Whether through institutions that sidestep parental authority and influence or the pervasive online culture shaping their minds, our kids are being pulled further from the safety and values of their families and caught in the crosshairs of social movements, ideologies and digital trends that threaten their well-being.

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